How to Find the Best Website Design Company in New Zealand?

If you’ve hired a website design company in New Zealand before, you’ll know it is not an easy process. The services and prices offered can vary greatly, and there is a wide range of options to choose from. So how can you be sure you are picking the best?

There are important factors you should consider that apply to any service you buy for your business. This includes ensuring the quote the website design company provides is within your budget and ensure you like the people involved. After all, you will be working with them for several weeks at a minimum to get your new site up and running.

In addition to these standard points, here are 10 questions to ask that will help you find the best website design company in New Zealand for your project.

Does the Website Design Company Focus on Your Objectives?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of website design companies to this point. The first is the company that talks a lot about their technical capabilities and the long list of clients they have worked with.

The second is the company that does more listening than talking, that takes time to find out what sort of web design you want, what you want it to do, and what you want to achieve with the project. This is how we do at a web design company in New Zealand.

As you might expect, you will get far better results with a website design company that falls into the second category.

Is the Website Design Company Offering New Ideas?

A good website design company will have ideas and suggestions that you may not have thought of yet. After all, they are the experts, so they should be more knowledgeable.

You don’t have to accept all the ideas and suggestions offered, but the fact the company is making them shows it is proactive and truly cares about the ultimate success of your new eCommerce website design.

Does the Company Have a Good Portfolio?

Firstly, be wary of any website design company in New Zealand that doesn’t have a web design portfolio on its own website. It is never a good sign if the company doesn’t want to show off work completed.

When checking a website design company’s portfolio, visit the website design rather than just viewing images. Does it look professional, and does everything work properly? Do you like the web designs? Is there a broad range of styles, or does everything look similar (it should be a cause for concern if the latter applies)?

Does the Company Have Relevant Experience?

Is there evidence the company has experience designing websites similar to the one you want to be developed in the website design portfolio? Also, do they have experience in your industry? While this isn’t strictly necessary, it can be helpful as it indicates that the website designer understands your business, customers, products, services, etc.

Are There Testimonials and What Are They Like?

Another standard section you should find on a reputable web designing company’s website is a testimonials section. Read through them to get an idea of the experience of other customers.

The usual caveats apply, of course, particularly to testimonials that are not properly attributed. In addition, companies only include testimonials from customers who have had a successful experience – you probably do the same thing yourself.

Still, they can help build a better picture of its capabilities and approach to producing quality website designs.

Does the Company Have a Track Record of Success?

This point involves delving deeper than simply looking at a web design portfolio. In fact, it ties in with the first question on this list.

The things to look out for specifically are case studies, facts, and figures that the website design company gives you that show how their past work has delivered tangible benefits to their clients.

For example, the new eCommerce website design they built improved online sales or led by 10 percent.

It is not always possible for a website design company to provide this information, but it can be beneficial when deciding if it’s available.

Does the Company Offer a Full Range of Services?

Some website design companies will only take responsibility for the technical aspects of creating a new web design. What about the content, though, and help with making key decisions? What about branding? A website designer that only offers website design won’t help you with any of these services.

Therefore, it is best to choose a website designer that offers a fuller range of services, including digital marketing consultancy, branding, graphic design, video creation, content writing, etc.

Furthermore, the reality of website design and digital marketing is that launching a new web design marks the end of the beginning. Once your new website is online, you need to start marketing it and increasing traffic.

Can you get services that will help you get traffic to your website from the building company? For example, does the website designer you are considering offer SEO or Google Ads management services?

Can the Website Design Company Outline a Clear and Structured Approach

Website design projects need to follow a structured approach to ensure they run smoothly. This structure should include milestones, timeframes, designations of responsibility, and more.

Without a proper structure, the project will be haphazard and will almost certainly be delayed.

Is the Website Design Company Offering a Realistic Timeframe?

If the web design company you consider tells you they will finish your website in a few days, you probably talk to the wrong people. Good website design and website development take time, particularly content creation and the approval process.

Therefore, the timescale the company provides should be realistic. Of course, it needs to meet your requirements and deadlines, but make sure it is not overly optimistic.

Is the Website Design Company’s Quote Realistic?

Costs need to be realistic too. This means the costs shouldn’t be too high, particularly with other quotes you have received or with your budget.

The quote mustn’t be too low either, as good website design is worth paying for. After all, if you really wanted, you could get a website for free if you are prepared to spend the time putting it together on a free website builder tool.

However, what you need in your business is a professional, well-designed website that won’t break a couple of weeks after launch. You also need a unique design that matches your branding and features that will help ensure your new site is a success. For these things, you need a professional website design company in New Zealand.


Getting a new website is an investment in your business. As it is an investment, it needs to deliver a return. Asking yourself the 10 questions above when considering a website design company in New Zealand will help ensure you make the right choice.

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