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Your Landing Pages aren’t Working. Here’s Why

Landing pages need to convert website visitors into leads or sales. Here are the main reasons why this does not happen.

  • Problem 1 – Poor Design
    Like other website pages, landing pages must be professional and attractive. However, landing pages must also have other web design elements to be successful.
  • Problem 2 – Failure to Engage
    Your landing pages need to be engaging and must clearly show the benefits of your product/service, compelling the visitor into action.
  • The Web Digital Approach
    to Landing Page Design

Transforming Landing Page Design

At Web Digital, we’ll turn your landing pages from just another page on your website into revenue-generating machines.


We’ll start by getting an understanding of your products, your objectives, and your customer’s pain points.


The content will be concise, compelling, and engaging, and we’ll include powerful tools like social proof.


The design will follow tried and tested best practices, and it will be free from clutter and distractions.


We’ll also include compelling calls to action, as CTAs are the most important element on any landing page.

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What Makes Web Digital Different


We focus on results
Your results

Landing page design is a specialist area of website design. In fact, it is more about digital marketing and conversion optimization than it is about pure website design. Too many web design specialist agencies fail to understand the difference, so produce “landing pages” that look great and tick all the right design boxes, but which fail to deliver for their clients, i.e. they don’t improve results.

At Web Digital, we take a completely different approach.

Our full focus throughout the process remains on helping you achieve your objectives for the landing page. These objectives will be tied in with the objectives for your overall digital marketing strategy.

For most of the companies we work with delivering landing page design services, this means helping improve sales or lead generation. Everything we do during the landing page design process will be focused on achieving these goals, i.e. getting more sales through the landing page or generating more sales leads.

It’s a more challenging process than simply designing a website page, but it’s the only way to deliver a return on investment for your business.


We have online advertising
and marketing expertise

At Web Digital, we know what we are doing with landing page design as we have knowledge and experience in the entire process. After all, a landing page is only one element of a marketing or advertising campaign.

It is an important element, of course, but there are other crucial parts too. This includes the platform you choose to advertise on, how you target your audience, and the creation of your ad and marketing message.

All these elements, including the landing page, need to sync, working together to achieve your goal – improved sales and conversions. With our expertise, we can make this happen for your business.


We understand
the psychology

One of the main differences that separate successful landing page design from the also-rans is knowledge of sales psychology.

Too often, designers take a technical approach to landing page design. The process becomes form and structure over function. In other words, all the bits are in the right places, and everything “works”.

This doesn’t take into account the visitor, though. More specifically, it doesn’t take into account the potential customer.

How did they get to the landing page? What were they looking at or searching for before they clicked on the link?

What are their pain points? What are the things that will make them buy from you rather than a competitor? How can you help the potential customer imagine using and benefiting from your product/service? How can you encourage them to convert now? It is the answers to these questions that delivers successful landing page design.


Design for all devices
Powerfully responsive

In almost all sectors, a significant proportion of website traffic is from users on mobile devices. For some companies, the vast majority of the people visiting their website are using a mobile phone.

This translates to pay-per-click and other marketing and advertising campaigns where landing pages are effective. In other words, potential customers are likely to use both desktop and mobile devices when visiting your landing page. As a result, your landing page needs to look great on all devices, plus all the features and elements need to work and they need to be easy to use.

All the above technical points of responsive design also need to tie in with the sales flow of the page to ensure it is compelling and engaging on all devices.

At Web Digital, we’ll make this happen, ensuring your landing page converts on all devices.


Track results
To measure success

How well are your landing pages performing?

The response we get to that question is often very high level, without much detail. The reason for this lack of detail is that many landing pages go live without effective tracking tools in place to help you measure success.

Ask any experienced digital marketing professional, and they will tell you tracking performance and measuring results is essential for success.

Without the right information and analysis, you have no way of knowing what is working and what is not.

Most importantly, you will have no way of accurately measuring return on investment, and you will have no data to use to improve and optimise your advertising campaigns. We’ve got the solution, though.

At Web Digital, we can set up proper tracking functionality on your landing pages, so you get the campaign performance information you need.

Let's Get into the Detail: Here's What We Deliver with Our Landing Page Design Service



The team working on your landing page design will have web designer NZ AND digital marketing/advertising expertise to deliver the best results.


Unique & Custom

We’ll fully customize the design of your landing page based on your business, brand identity, product/ service, campaign objective, and customer persona.


Design to Maximise

Every element and design feature of your landing page will help to maximise conversions, with full consideration given to how the overall page will produce the best results.


Design Using

We’ll use our expertise to tap into your customer’s pain points, clearly showing how you understand those pain points and have a solution.


Clear Layout
& Structure

Your landing page will have a clear and well-defined flow that visitors will follow, culminating in highly compelling calls to action.


Unlimited Design Revisions

We’ll start the process with a design brief, but within that brief, we’ll complete unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.



To capture conversions on all devices, we’ll use a responsive website design approach to the development of your landing page.


Strong Calls
to Action

The calls to action we design, position, and craft on your landing page will play a crucial role in driving sales and conversions for your business.


You’ll Own
the Design

You’ll own the copyright and intellectual property rights for any landing page design that we create for your business.

Our Process

Step 1


When you contact us for your website design project, we will take time to understand your product or services. We analyze your business plan and see where your business sits within the market. We research your competitors and devise a digital marketing strategy for your business.


Step 2

Initial Design And Mockup

Once we have understood your requirements, we start work on the initial website design and build a Homepage mockup for your website. The Homepage design shows your website navigation structure and how different sections of your site will connect. It defines the overall layout design for your website.

Step 3

Designs Of Further Pages

Next, we start designing the remaining pages of the website based on the initial Homepage mockup. This will allow you to see exactly what your website will look like before we build it.


Step 4

Website Build

We start building the website based on the approved web design. We convert the wireframes and design files into WORDPRESS CMS and create the final website. We upload the site files on our staging server and send you the link to view the website in action.

Step 5


Finally we launch the website and upload all files on the hosting server. The website is now live and ready to grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do you charge for a custom website design?

We have three main web design packages which cover most of the small-business needs. Our Starter Package consists of 5 “Unique” pages and cost around $3500+GST. If you require around 10 “Unique” pages then Small Biz Package is a good fit. Its costs around $4800+GST. For customers looking to set up an online shop, eCommerce Package is best suited for their needs. Our eCommerce package costs around $6500+GST. Please check all details on the packages page.

What is a Unique page?

A unique page design is a template page which is based on a specific design layout. When we design a website, we make a certain number of unique template pages which you can use to populate more pages. The initial pricing of the website depends on the number of unique pages we design and develop.

What is the process from start to finish?

The whole process is divided into three stages i.e. Design, Development, Deployment. Here’s are the main points:

  • First, we design the Homepage of the website and send it to you for review.
  • Our design team will create a look and feel to appeal to your audience.
  • The design will have a modern layout & hierarchy that is clear & simple to understand.
  • Within the first week, we will send you the home page design for your feedback.
  • We make unlimited design revisions until you approve the design, as long as the revisions are in agreement with the original brief.
  • Once you approve the home page design, we will start designing the inner designs.
  • Once all pages of the website design are approved, we start building the website on WordPress CMS.
  • The completed website is uploaded on our test server and shared with you for your approval/feedback. You review the website and sends us feedback. Once both parties are happy, we upload the website on the live domain.

The above process applies to most of the projects we undertake, however, it may differ based on the project requirements.

How many rounds of revision you do?

We offer unlimited web design revisions on everything we design for you, until you approve the designs, as long as the revisions are in agreement with the original brief. If you completely change direction after we start designing or add to the original brief, then we will send you a quote to continue designing as per the new direction.

Do you do copywriting? How much does it cost?

If you need a copywriter, we can introduce you to one of our copywriting partners and they can send you a quote based on your needs. Price can vary between a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on how much copy you need.

What is the turnaround time?

Starter Package – Between 1-2 weeks.
Small Bz Package – Between 3-5 weeks.
eCommerce Package – Between 4-7 weeks.

The timeline also depends on when we get website content including images and text from you. Generally speaking, the website will only take a long time if we are still waiting for text and images from yourself.

Do you provide website hosting?

Yes, we provide Managed WordPress hosting. Please check details here. Our hosting starts from $39+GST/Month.

Who owns the website? Do you give me the intellectual Property rights?

Yes, with all websites that we create for you, we automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you when paid in full.

Where are you based?

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. Most of our clients are in Auckland.

Can I see sample work?

Yes here you go – web design portfolio

Can I modify the content after website has been completed?

Sure, you can easily edit the content including text and photos. WordPress is a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) and requires little technical knowledge.

What information is required to place an order?

Depending on which package we agree on we could need…

  • Images to be used on the website.
  • Content for the website e.g. text, PDFs etc.
  • Any Videos you would like adding to the website.
  • Login details to your existing website.

I am not familiar with WORDPRESS, Is it easy to use?

WORDPRESS is an easy to use CMS. After the website is live we provide full support and help you in understanding the CMS.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes. Your website will be fully responsive and will look great on all devices. We don’t charge extra for this. It comes as standard.


What Customers say about Web Digital

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Recently I unexpectedly needed to urgently change my web developer and hosting service for my website I contacted Web Digital via their web page and within 20 minutes I had received a call from Ahmed to discuss my requirements, the scope of the work and the likely cost. A project like this is significant and complicated given the required integrations, configurations and settings etc. Ahmed was thoroughly professional, quick to respond and very efficient at coming up with solutions to whatever we faced during this process. As a result I now have a website that is functioning significantly better than it was previously and the website business has grown as a direct result of working with Ahmed and Web Digital. I will continue to work with Ahmed to refine the Vinyl Countdown website and I have full confidence in Web Digital to deliver the desired results.

Mark Thomas, 4th Jul 2024

Website Design - Web Digital Auckland were a personal recommendation from one of my associates and from the very beginning it was a fantastic experience. Ahmed was very intuitive of what I was trying to achieve in the web design look and feel and in a couple of weeks he delivered a design I had hoped for and then some. What I found with Ahmed was that he took my ideas to a whole different level that delivered a very clean, easy to navigate site that can grow with the company and informs our potential clients of our capability along with the Industry Technical Associates we have partnered with to bring the best to our customers. I have no hesitation in recommending Web Digital Auckland to any prospective client, you won't be disappointed in the service and value for money. Sir Ken McKenzie - Director KM HSSR Consulting Limited

Sir Kenneth McKenzie, 15th Mar 2021

Ahmed provided me with excellent services in the last 5 years. All my queries are responded within 24 hours and problems are solved promptly with no exception! I truly appreciate the professional skills, the friendly attitude and the high quality work Ahmed has delivered. Web Digital is a trustworthy business partner for small business like mine!

Winnie Ye, 13th Feb 2020

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