5 Essential Elements of a Winning Landing Page

A landing page can create a huge difference in your marketing efforts. In online marketing, landing pages are among the best sources for lead generation, especially when done properly. A well-constructed landing page can draw in all your target audience. Furthermore, this will also encourage them to download the eBook, purchase your offerings, or signup to receive newsletters from you.

You also need to be aware that your website could distract your visitors, especially with multiple offers, services, and products. On the other hand, keeping your landing page focused on a specific campaign will make them more likely to convert and be your potential customers. The landing page can be tailored to your goals, acquire new clients, promote your new product, or increase sales. Proper execution of this could make you hit the gold for conversion and lead generation.

A winning landing page should have the following elements:

1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Do you want to stand out and be on top of the competition? Ask yourself: “What makes me and my brand stand out from my competitors?” “Why would someone choose mine over other brands?”

It is essential to have a persuasive copy as it will steer your visitors towards attaining your goal. With this, you can highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – how your services or products benefit your customer’s issue or problems, and why you deserve their trust and not your rivals. The key to achieving your goal is to prove your promises to them and stand out among the rest. Therefore, it is important to concisely create your USP and show who you really are and how your services will benefit them.

The following are the main content you need to include in your USP:

  • Catchy Main Headline
    Your main headline can either break or make the success of your landing page. This part of your landing page is your welcoming greetings to your visitors, which will encourage them to learn more about your services and products. So take note to keep your main headline brief, straight to the point, catchy and sweet.
  • Supporting Headline
    Supporting headline is also important. This is the part where your headline is being expanded, providing your audience with an extra nudge. This can also further discuss your product and services offering, encouraging them to purchase and avail of your products. So pay attention to every detail and support the headline of your landing page and not just the main ones.
  • Closing Argument
    After providing your visitors with details about your offerings, it is time to persuade them by communicating with them using your closing argument. To do this, you need to make them feel confident about you and the services and products you are offering. Then, you can satisfy their concerns at the end of your page by providing some interesting copywriting and a very catchy call to action.

2. Engaging Media

In the world of landing pages, it is true that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Your hero shot, and engaging media is the key to attracting more and more visitors and leads to your business. Engaging media can help your audience better know what it looks like and what it is.

The brain processes images faster when compared to text. This is why it is recommended to use engaging and appropriate images and videos for your landing page. As a matter of fact, 96% of landing page visitors find videos and images helpful, especially in deciding whether to make a purchase or not. Consumers also see those brands creating videos as more reliable and trustworthy than others.

Better choose the best media for your landing page that best suits your marketing’s goal. Remember to choose images and videos that will showcase your products, their features, and your services. This will also tell your story and add appeal by highlighting some of your satisfied customers. While most studies show that it is more effective to use videos and images, it will still depend on its execution to your page.

Before you finally decide on what happy shots you wish to use, think about your products. What do the images and videos have to do with your USP, offer, and product? The idea is to reclaim your customer’s empathy and make them decide to avail themselves and purchase your products. It would be best if you put them in a scenario where customers are using the products.

3. Features and Benefits

Your main headline and engaging media will certainly get your audience’s attention, while the benefits section will provide them with all the details which will answer all their queries. Remember: when introducing your products and their features, focus on the benefits they deliver. Avoid writing something on your landing page that does not really reflect any part of the benefits that you are offering. Take note: your features define what your service or product does. On the other hand, the benefits show the value you are providing.

It is also important to consider that when listing the features, try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and answer the question: “Is this product worth it?” “How will this service or product benefit me?”

Instead of writing a novel-like landing page content, opt for a summary highlighting the features and benefits of your product (have a focus on value). Designing your features into simple and clear benefits will ensure that visitors easily understand why your offerings are way better than the rest.

4. Social Proof

Each time you plan to buy something from amazon or other online stores, you are probably looking for customer reviews before making any purchase. That is social proof! Don’t you know that social proof is a potent weapon for persuasion? Yes, you heard it right.

Social proof is simply the good influence gained when people heard of it through word of mouth by people who are doing it. There are many ways of making use of social proofs for your landing page. This could be in the form of reviews, trust seals, or testimonials. These are effective ways to increase credibility, generate interest, and drive more conversions.

Social proof is a resounding endorsement for your offerings, business, and products. Using this essential element on your landing page could greatly impact the growth of your small business website. There are several flavors of social proof.

Here are the most recommended social proof strategies:

  • Expert testimonials
  • Customer reviews
  • Customers headcount
  • Trust seals
  • Awards received from reputable industries or organizations.
  • Recognized customer brands

Suppose you want to gain more visitors, done settle for less. It would help if you showed them why you deserve their trust and why your products are worth it. Customer testimonials are among the best social proofs you can use because they tackle real experiences from real customers. Certifications, awards, and trusted industry membership also spice up your credibility and add authority to your brand.

5. Call to Action (CTA)

This essential element is what drives your customers to make a purchase or to download your eBook. Call-to-action statements are mainly what eventually convert the visitors into potential customers, making this element the most vital part of your landing page.

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