Why WordPress Is the Most Widely Used CMS?

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WordPress has unarguably become the leading CMS (Content Management System) in today’s world. It has been sixteen years since the system was introduced to the digital market, and its community has been increasing since then. It is widely prevalent among advertising agencies for the creation of web platforms. Being part of this digitalized age, having an impactful web digital presence is what ensures your success and WordPress. Among a bunch of other CMSs, why is WordPress getting all the limelight is the most frequently asked question. Here is everything you need to know about what makes WordPress all the popularity it gets:

It’s Easy to Use!

If compared to other commonly used CMSs, WordPress is highly convenient to be used. You do not have to learn complex computer languages and coding etc. From changing the layouts to publishing the content, everything is easily understandable, and you can build a website exactly the way you want. WordPress is empowering millions of people and businesses around the globe and helping them grow in the digital market.


Adding up its global popularity, the multilingual feature of WordPress enables us to create a website in 60 different languages. Although approximately 70% of the WordPress websites are in English. The option to be translated into so many words is what makes it one of the best CMS.

The Innovation:

Innovation is what keeps the community of WordPress consistently engaged with the CMS. Any loopholes or glitches in the working or security of the platform are taken care of daily. The updates that are available on single click help in keeping the user updated and make their web platforms work seamlessly. The distinct features and updated tools are what helps the CMS cater to the needs of every user.

Working Efficiency:

WordPress is known for its amazingly speedy working efficiency. You can install it in five minutes only and can start publishing your content in just a few minutes.


Enabling users to build a website as per their taste or their brand’s style statement is what makes WordPress to be used by a large community. The fantastic and alluring visuals, various designing tools, and a wide range of free and premium themes to pick ease the customization process of every other user. The ease of customization is what makes it the most popular and widely used CMS.


No matter how powerful a web platform you have, you cannot generate traffic to it until you market it rightly. Social media platforms are leading the digital market these days and have a significant influence on its rapid growth. Using social media platforms to sell the products or content is a tactic that is being practised by web digital marketers. WordPress enables you to share your content with the target audience and amplify your connections. The social media platforms embedded in WordPress include flicker, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Google Maps, Slide Share, Vimeo, Gigya, Photobucket, and Polldady, which makes your task of promoting your web platform a lot easier.

Technical Support:

If you are not a tech pro and need technical support, WordPress provides you with excellent technical support. You are going to get technical support at hand,if you are using a premium WordPress theme,. You can directly reach out to web developers and other professionals who will aid in the process of making your website user-friendly.

Web Digital wordpress-300x160 Why WordPress Is the Most Widely Used CMS? website design Wordpress site wordpress cms wordpress


While using other CMSs, you are more likely to come across a lot of issues related to payments or will need to spend some bucks for the upgradations. However, WordPress is the most cost-effective CMS. It is easier to maintain, and customization is a breeze. You get to save a lot of money as compared with the other platforms.

The Bottom Line:

Not one, not to, there is a long list of reasons that make the world press one of the leading CMS of the digital world. Its growing community and the fantastic upgradations are making it suitable for all sorts of users. Either you are an amateur or well-settled businessman, you will need a platform that requires less work for its development and maintenance, or WordPress helps you with that aptly. No wonder why it tops the list of CMSs.

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