The Most Important Elements of a Clean Web Design

Common Traits of a Clean Web Design

Clean web design is pleasant to the eyes – it is consistent, precise, and beautiful. A reputable web design company in Auckland surely knows that. So now, let’s discuss the elements that make a clean web design.

  • The Layout Structure of the Web Page is Solid
    Sites with clean layout web design have a thoroughly thought-out grid. Website designers use this grid method to establish a sense of structure that helps them create rhythm, hierarchy, and consistency. Unity and order are achieved with a concrete grid layout. There is also a continuous browsing experience because all web design pages share a similar underlying framework. However, with websites with lots of content like newspaper or online magazine sites, obtaining a clean layout aesthetic can be a little harder. Using a grid is definitely useful when it comes to making the web design clean. Imagine a website design where all content is just plopped to the page with no definite structure; it will be a total mess! The key is to use a grid from the very beginning, rely on white space and rules to create a hierarchy. Then, you should tweak every rule and pixel of margin ‘til it’s right.
  • Excellent Typography
    First, let’s define typography. Typography is the appearance and style of printed matter. When it comes to having a clean web design, restraint is key in typography. Too many typefaces used will make your website design look disorderly and disjointed. Well-designed website designs usually rely on two or just one typeface, which varies in case, size, weight, and color, resulting in a more apparent typographic hierarchy. This technique used by web designer NZ will definitely establish a sense of refinement and consistency. You know the typography is good when it is displayed in the details. Leading is the distance between every line of text. When they are uniform, the content will be much easier to read and pleasing to the eye. Just enough space will make the reader navigate easily and read continuously without any trouble. Check our eCommerce web design in NZ.
  • The Color Palette is Limited
    Clean web design has a limited color palette. Can you imagine a webpage looking like an abstract painting? It’s confusing and messy. You don’t want your site visitors to leave immediately a second after they clicked on your site. Sites with a clean web design layout often have colors for essential elements on the page, such as headers, links, and the likes. This will enhance usability and visually unite the aspects of the website, just like the websites done by the website designer in Auckland.
  • The Imagery is Consistent
    I am pretty sure it bothers you when the imagery style isn’t consistent from page to page. I know, me too! A website design must have consistent imagery for it to be considered clean. It shows that the images are in harmony making the pages pleasing to the eyes. Consistency among elements on a web page will make visitors see your site as a whole and look past the individual pieces. However, not all instances need imagery with the same style, such as blogs and news sites. With these kinds of sites, images enhance the story, so they need to be a bit eye-catching. It will also help if you use graphics or images with a strong impact.
  • Navigation is Clean
    Navigation is an essential factor in neat and clean web design. Therefore, it should have intuitive navigation that will guide the site visitors. Furthermore, it should have consistency resulting from the easing of access. In addition, it should have distinctiveness, such as marking sections into categories of sub-categories. The presence of clickable links is also essential – all categories must be clickable. Also, the menu should always be at the top. Finally, sections should be structured accordingly, as well.
  • White Space
    A web design service with a clean layout has an abundant white space. Never choke your website with unneeded elements. Simplicity is the key. White space is used so that the visitor focuses on the relevant sections of your website. It will make them digest any content without difficulty.
  • Usability
    This is probably one of the most important because it is how your visitors feel while browsing your site. Being neat, simple, and stylish is essential but never forget navigation. When it comes to navigation, it is better not to reinvent the wheel. When site visitors stumble upon something new on a site, they tend to get confused.

How to Know if Your Web Design is Neat?

  • Easy to Scan
    It is known that not all internet users read every word on a site. Most of them will skim articles when they are time-constrained. Therefore, the web design must be stripped down to the bare essentials to maximize the visitors that immediately see the most important content of your website. The use of white space is also great to make your website easy to scan. It actually makes one focus on the content.
  • More Accessible
    Having easy access to your website is important to internet users, and a clean web design does that. It also offers a positive experience for your site visitors. Having accessible and minimalistic website designs will easily increase the number of internet users who can view your site.
  • No Sales Feel
    Gone are the days when websites being flashy is a thing. A website that is too colorful and flashy will drive away your potential customers. Instead, Internet users prefer a website that is pleasant to the eyes and minimalistic design.
  • The Pages Load Faster
    When it comes to user experience and SEO, site load time is an important aspect. But did you know that internet users would consider it slow when a page loads for more than 4 seconds? Complex website designs, images, options, and features are the main culprits of a slow-loading website. Having a clean web design will eliminate the problem of slow loading pages. Internet users love speedy loading pages, that’s for sure.
  • Easier to Use
    The main reason why you have a website is for your site visitors to use it. Therefore, simplifying the design of a webpage will improve its usability. For example, the navigation menu shouldn’t have extraneous buttons or options that only a few can click on.
  • It Builds Trust
    When you have a super busy and messy website, you will have difficulty earning the trust of your visitors. There is a reason for this – humans are hardwired psychologically to trust beauty, and that’s the reality. Therefore, you have to include an ample amount of white space, have a simple layout, and have each page focus on only one category – this will surely build trust with your site visitors.
  • It Looks Professional
    Would you rather do a business that looks messy or looks professional? First, of course, you want to deal with a business that has a professional-looking website. You can achieve this by having a clean and straightforward design for your website. Minimalistic design is indeed better than a complex one because it is much easier for your visitors to recognize the value your brand can provide. For example, check out the web designs made by a website designer in Auckland.
  • Provides Better User Experience
    A site visitor will not know where to look when a lot is going on with your website. A clean web design, especially those created by Website Designers Auckland, will enable your site visitors to have a seamless experience.
  • Consistent Design
    A clean web design should have a consistent look throughout the pages. You should use colors, heading sizes, and fonts consistently for all pages of the site. The buttons and other elements have to complement each other, as well. Using consistent photography is also important. They should have the same quality, tone, and treatment.

Clean Website Design Examples

You might want to check out these websites to get an idea of what a clean website design is all about:


The best clean web design is a combination of all the elements. Simple, neat, and beautiful. It can captivate the eyes of the visitors.


No matter what your business is, having a website is important nowadays. Most people will be able to know your brand through your website. It becomes more memorable, as well. That’s why your brand must have a clean website design, just like the websites done by Auckland website designers.

A clean web design will boost your conversions and make your visitors trust your brand more. It will also convey a sense of sophistication and refinement. However, designing a clean website is not as simple as you might think; that’s why you must get an invaluable website design that can make it possible.

If you also want to rank on Google search, a clean web design is a way to go. A website that is structured and has a defined hierarchy will make Google understand it better.

When it comes to web design, less is more. So throw away the unnecessary elements and focus on what really counts. Good design and great content are equal to success.

If you need further help on this topic, Web Digital can help you in many ways. Aside from offering web design services, we also provide web hosting and other plans. In addition, we’re a well-established web design specialist (NZ), and we can help your business logo design grow with our assorted web design packages to choose from. Also, to get more information about the website design services in Auckland, contact Web Digital!

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