This is How You Should Write Your Website About Page

Every time a shopper or a website visitor wants to know more about your product offerings or services, the first thing they visit is your About page. As the Home page, the About page has been there since the beginning of the internet.

Unfortunately, people do not put much effort into it. But when they do, they could often get it wrong.

The question now is, how do you maximize your About page? What can you do to attract people, connect with you, and ultimately purchase from you?

This post aims to discuss the importance of your About page and things you should and should not do. Are you ready? Without further ado, let’s get started!

What You Should NOT Do

A common mistake when a business is making your Website About Page: you always make it all about you. A good example of this is, “Hello, I am Ian, and I graduated from university in 1995 with a 2:1 in Engineering.”

The last thing you want from your customers is yawning and leaving your site right away. We do understand the reason behind this. After all, what else are you supposed to talk about? It is just natural for you to introduce yourself to your audience, share your experience and the things you do.

Certainly, writing and crafting your About page in that approach is very simple, as you already know yourself and your story. But, unfortunately, your life story might not be an excellent way to connect with your audience.

So, what should you do?

Share How You Can Help You Readers

When writing your About page, you need to write about how you can help your readers instead of writing about yourself. You can still call it an “About me” or “About us.”

But it will help if you could help your reader when writing copy for the page. Doing so will help reframe your mind and motivate you to write content from your audience’s perspective instead of your own.

So, What Should You Write?

The beginning of new content is always the most challenging and tricky part. If you often write, you may already have your ways to help you get into it. But if not, here’s what you need to do.

At the beginning of your About page, reaffirm to your audience that they are in the perfect place. For example, “Are you looking for the best web design services in New Zealand? Look no further because you are in the right place!”

Try to consider making your readers feel safe in the knowledge that this website and the content inside it are ideal for them. Empathize with your audience and their problems.

Provide them the information they are seeking. That’s better than making them sift through the boring corporate story of how you started in the industry and how long you have been operating.

Talk about What Makes You Different

Here’s a good example: “Are you on the lookout for a web developer who will help you increase your site traffic? Then you’re in the right place!”

This type of statement tells someone who can relate to those words that you are perfect for them. Further, it also informs those people who are not looking for that kind of service you offer. That might seem like a bad thing, but it’s not. That stops people who do not feel you are the perfect fit for them from getting in touch. That saves both you and the reader’s time.

Keep in mind that website users click on your About page to determine whether they like to work with you. Hence, it would be best if you used that chance to find your ideal customers and sift out anyone else—that simple.

Other Things You Need to Add to Your About Page

Every time a potential customer lands on your About page, they like to understand how to help them. So there’s no perfect place to highlight to your readers that you understand and know the concerns they are experiencing and that you are there to help them.

You may now be wondering what concerns your customers and prospects are facing. Well, we recommend that you listen to them. Pay attention and hear what they say.

Sometimes, talking about their difficulties will be the first thing they say to you in their email or when they phone you to inquire.

Try to ask these questions to yourself:

  • What are the serious problems my potential clients are experiencing?
  • What are the things they want to change desperately?

The answers to those questions should be highlighted on your About us page. So always keep that in mind.

Practical Tips on Structuring Your About Page

We understand the amount of information you want to add to your Website About Page. So, how do you ensure it fits together without overwhelming your audience? Here are the tips you need to remember.

  • List the problems your potential clients are experiencing in a FAQ-style section on the About page.
  • Use bullet points to lower the amount of text on the page. It offers your audience a breathing space and helps them find digestible information to consume easily.
  • Add a call to action to direct your audience to your relevant product or services.

Build Trust with Your Audience through Your About Page

What are other things you need to add to your About page to establish trust with your potential customers? Take a look below.

  • Awards
    Have you recently won any awards from prestigious organizations? We are not an avid fan of going on about the things we won, but your About page is an excellent place to brag them off. In addition, adding awards to your website could be an excellent place to present customers with your current accomplishments and build credibility in your brand.
  • Portfolio
    Don’t forget to add links to your portfolio to highlight your recent work. But don’t try to put everything on there. It will help if you have something that gets your audience the chance to explore other pages of your site.
  • Testimonials
    Simply having a customer testimonial on your About page could be enough to gain the trust of your visitors. That’s because they are proof that you have customers and are hence a legitimate business. These testimonials don’t simply help position your business in a reputable and positive light. They are also efficient in showing how advantageous and helpful your products or services could be.

How Can You Instill Personality in your About Page?

Indeed, it would be best if you concentrated on your target audience first. Nevertheless, you still have to tell people about yourself. When you do, make sure you add some personality as well.

Remember that your About page is the perfect place to tell your target audience who you are. So don’t be shy to show some of your personality there.

Here are some tips we can suggest:

  • Share some information about yourself
    Your readers like to know who they are dealing with. Ensure the information you share with them is concise and does not take over the entire page. Doing so much leads to you losing an opportunity to connect with your audience. Try to cover all the important things first and try to talk about yourself.
  • Add pictures of you or your whole team.
    People always buy from people. That’s why they need to see your face and what you look like! Did you know that images are one of the perfect ways to upgrade almost any About page? They can communicate a lot and support emotion, not to mention they support engagement and eye-catching. Adding an occasion image to your About page could help your visitor make it simpler by breaking up the text and making it more aesthetically pleasing that supports people to stay longer.
  • Connect with social
    Social media is a wonderful place to highlight your personality. You can show it in what you post and how you engage with people. Adding your social media to your About page could bring the power of expression to your website.

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