How to Create a Business Website?

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Are you looking to create a website for your business? If that’s a clear-cut yes, you will definitely love today’s post. In a few words, we go over the process of building a professional website be it an eCommerce Website store, a portfolio or a basic website for your company.

Unlike in the past, there are many easy tools for website design. In fact, you don’t need coding skills to build remarkable website designs quickly. If you don’t have the time and need a professional website without doing the work, you can hire a web design specialist in NZ.

In the upcoming sections, we cover:

Without further delay, let us start since there is a lot to learn.

How to Find a Website Design Company

Web Digital website-design-company-300x219 How to Create a Business Website? website design how to create a business website Creating a website

While you can build a business website without outside help, hiring professional website designers NZ is often the best route to take.

Thanks to tools such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Google Website Builder, you can create a website without prior programming knowledge.

However, you waste a lot of time trying to figure things out on your own. Even though you don’t need coding skills, each website builder has a learning curve. Plus, you work with templates or themes, meaning your website isn’t exactly unique.

On top of that, you probably lack the skills and experience of running a successful website. You need a team of people with expertise in digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, and so on.

As such, you need a reputable website design company in Auckland to create and/or run a professional website that works for your business.

But how do you find a great website design company in New Zealand? Well, it’s actually easy. To find top website designers in NZ, use the following tips. Choose a website designer or company that:

  • Comprehends your target audience – it’s important to have a laser-sharp focus on your ideal customer, and your designer must understand the user base as well as bring new ideas to the table.
  • Understands the value of great content – Content is king. To help you generate content, for example, your choice website design company will add a content management system to your website, so you can update your content without making requests.
  • Knows responsive web design – In this time and age, you must create a responsive website that looks great and performs optimally on multiple devices.
  • Has a portfolio of live websites – You want a company with a great website portfolio. Obviously, you want to choose a company or website designer who knows what they are doing. If you don’t like their past work, they are not right for you.
  • Great customer service – When you’re facing problems with your website, you need the best customer service you can get. Check their reviews and what past customers say about their customer support.
  • Has cost-effective services – You don’t want to exhaust your budget before launching your site. Also, your website design company should tell you how much you’ll spend to maintain your website yearly.

Now that you know what to watch out for when choosing a website design company in New Zealand, let us see what the website design process entails.

What is the Website Design Process?

A website design process is an outline of the steps needed to complete a particular web project. In other words, a website design process is a roadmap that website design specialist use to take a project from the idea stage to completion.

A typical website design process involves less than 10 steps as we detail below:

  • Planning

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail goes a popular adage. As such, an effective website process starts with astute planning. Expert website designers begin the design process by identifying the client’s goals, target audience, and features requests.

Additionally, planning involves budgeting and creation of a sitemap. It also involves identifying software and third-party resources required to create a particular website. This is especially important since each website is different. For instance, an eCommerce website and a simple business website need different resources.

  • Web Design

Once you have a solid plan, the website design process moves to the design stage. The design stage involves creating the site structure and implementing visual elements. Usually, content is added after the design stage.

During the design stage, website designers create wireframes using pencil and paper or online tools. The wireframes are then converted to design mockups that are easy to modify as per requirements. Before coding, the client reviews and approves the design.

When the client and the website design specialist agree on the design, coding begins. In some cases, say the website designer is using a tool such WordPress, there is minimal coding, if any. Only slight modifications of a template to suite the client’s needs.

  • Content Creation web design experts

With your design ready, you’re next for the most important part; adding relevant content. Content is vital for two great reasons. Firstly, content boosts engagement on your website. With relevant content that speaks to your audience, you cannot achieve your site’s goals.

Secondly, content drives organic traffic to your website from search engines. Search engines such as Google and Bing use the content on your pages to index and rank your website. If you optimize your content through a process known as SEO, you can rank well in search engines for your keywords. The better you rank, the more traffic you generate.

Your website design company should guide you through the process of adding content to your site. Content includes written text from your writers, images from your graphic designer, and other media such as videos, among other things.

  • Testing

After designing and adding content, the website moves to the testing stage. Website designers usually use a variety of tools to test each page thoroughly. They check for things such as broken links, responsiveness, speed, forms and so on.

If you bypass testing, you risk presenting a broken site to the public. Usually, most errors are easy to fix, but some errors can be a pain in the neck. Experienced website designers can easily tell the kind of error plaguing your website, so ensure they (or you) test the website carefully before the last stage; launching.

  • Launch

Now the fun part. With a full website in hand, you can proceed and launch. Keep in mind that launching a website isn’t exactly straightforward. Many things could go wrong, which is why you need an experienced website designer by your side.

At times, you might miss an error innocently making the launch the perfect time to address it immediately before huge damage is done. Launching also involves promoting your website on social networks and other places, which requires expertise in digital marketing.

A skilled website designer will help you to launch, market and maintain your website long after launching, which leads us to our next section.

Important Considerations for a Business Website

Nowadays, having a website for your business is a no-brainer. However, creating a business website is no easy task. To save time and effort, here are some important considerations to keep in mind How to Create a Business Website:

  • Always start with a plan to guide the web design process
  • Establish your target audience early on
  • Choose a professional website design company or the right website builder if you want to do the work yourself
  • Carefully pick your domain name
  • Go for a web host suitable for your needs
  • Create a content strategy
  • Ensure your website is user-friendly and responsive
  • Have a promotional plan
  • Understand it takes time, commitment and resources to build a killer website. Hire a website designer or company if you can’t do it alone


A website is a crucial marketing tool in this time and age. Any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition must invest in creating a solid online presence, which begins with a professional website design.

Creating a website is easy and quick nowadays thanks to online website designers. However, you end up wasting a lot of time for a website design that doesn’t work for your business.

For this very reason, many businesses in Auckland, New Zealand opt for a professional Website Design Company in Auckland such as Web Digital. If you need further help on this topic, Web Digital can help you in many ways. Aside from offering web design services, we also provide web hosting and other plans. We’re a well-established web design specialist (NZ) and we can help your business grow with our assorted packages to choose from.

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