Five of the Most Common Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “first impressions last.” Professionally developed web design is one of the most crucial factors to consider when building an eCommerce website design, and it will set the first impression on your audience. Let’s face it; most of your visitors will quickly judge your site based on its looks. So, you want to create a positive impression of your brand on your site visitors. However, cutting-edge website design is not just about the looks per see. You also have to be aware of many factors that could affect your website and avoid making mistakes that will bring it down the drain.

Effects of Web Design Mistakes

Mistakes in freshly programmed web design will have a huge effect on your brand, and you won’t like the result.

  • Unresponsive Website
    Don’t you hate it when you click on a link, and it doesn’t even work?
    Having a responsive website design is one of the most crucial features of your website. You have to consider your audience using smartphones, not just those using their web browser. Did you know that Google highly recommends having your website optimized for almost all devices – from smartphones, iPads, and desktops, to name a few?
  • The Dreaded 404 Pages
    Yes, I know. You don’t want that anywhere on your eCommerce website. I assure you – it’s a traffic killer! But did you know that most site visitors won’t even attempt to take action when they see the 404 pages? Instead, they will leave your website.
  • Slow Website
    Your web page is too slow if it loads for more than 4 seconds. According to Google, 3 seconds is the best loading time for a web page. Fast-loading websites will most likely keep their audience on-site. Did you know that Google also uses page speed as a factor for ranking? So, you better make sure that your website is up to speed.
  • SEO Trouble
    An ineffective web design will harm your SEO. So make sure to develop an SEO-friendly website design. Factors such as inaccessible content, poor navigation, and slow load times will affect your site’s ranking. You may have the greatest content, but your audience will leave without even checking the content if you have a poor web design. Possible conversion will go plummeting down when a visitor leaves your website.

The Five Of The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Typography Errors
Who would want to stay on a website with words that are challenging to read?

  • Avoid symbols, hand-drawn scripts, and cursive fonts that are difficult to understand. If you cannot read what’s on your website – change the FONT.
  • Then there is poor leading, tracking, and kerning.

Uh, what are those?

Leading refers to the space between the lines. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight.

Tracking is the spacing between phrases and words. You don’t want it to be too tight.

Kerning is the space between 2 characters; they can be letters, numbers, or symbols.

  • Avoid using too many fonts, for this will only create confusion on the part of your audience. Your visitors will just be distracted with so much going on instead of focusing on what you really want to convey.
  • Avoid utilizing conflicting fonts because they will only create focus and emphasis on nothing.

Navigation Mistakes

  • Your audience has to know where they have been, and not changing the color of the visited links will turn them off.
  • Avoid using invisible navigation menus. Your audience will use visual cues to know where they are. Invisible navigation menus will make them guess where the menu items are and leave them confused.

Your Website is Not Secure
Did you know that Google prefers secure websites? So if you are after SEO ranking for your brand, you have to ensure that your site is secured.

How will you know if a website is secured? It’s secure when the URL starts with HTTPS.

When visitors see a non-secure site, it will drive them away because they don’t want to risk their privacy.

Content Mistakes

  • Avoid making your content all about you and your brand. You have to focus on your visitors’ goals, desires, frustrations, fears, and problems, as well. It will be hard to convert your audience into clients if you ignore what they need.
  • Make your content scannable and avoid bulky paragraphs. Your sub-headings should be descriptive and your paragraphs short. You can also use numbered lists or bulleted points to make your content easier to read.
  • Use your whitespace well. Your content will become overwhelming when there’s not enough whitespace.
  • Avoid using poor grammar, for it affects your brand’s credibility. Remember when I said, “first impressions last?” Bad grammar makes a horrible first impression and will even cost you money.

Image and Graphics Mistakes

  • Minimize the use of stock photos. They are too generic and will only confuse. It is always best to use original images.
  • Make sure the images are properly scaled and sized. Poorly scaled or sized images will look unprofessional, which in return decreases the trust of your audience.

Choosing the Best Website Design Service

If you are not the techy type, you can hire a website design specialist to design your website. Just make sure you choose the right service provider that is worth the money. You can try to look for a web design company in New Zealand to help you out.

Don’t hesitate to ask them anything.

Here are some of the important questions you should ask your potential website designing company:

  • How much does the project cost?
    The contract can be project or hourly-based. When your budget is limited, go for a project-based.
  • What is the estimated timeline to complete the project?
    Some delays can happen, and it’s normal. You have to be hands-on to ensure that the project is still on track.
  • What are the inclusions in the price?
    You have to know what features are included in the project. Some of the important factors you should look for are content strategy, information architecture, and SEO. You can ask if both website development and web design are included, as well.
  • Ask for the list of persons who will be working on your website and what their roles are.
    You need to be aware of who is working on your site. Your website will serve as the face of your brand; that is why you want to make sure you hired the right developers and web design specialists. Try Website designer NZ.
  • Ask if the project includes a transition plan.
    The transition plan is crucial in maintaining sales and traffic when your site finally goes live.
  • Ask for the CMS and platform that you will use.
    A broad range of platforms can serve as your website’s framework (e.g., Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.). It is also important to know if editing the content is easy, even without their help.
  • Ask if they provide training for using the CMS.
    It will be more convenient for you in the future if you know how to use the CMS of your website. In addition, you must know how to edit or add content.
    It is so important to select a web design company in NZ that will support you all the way and assist you in reaching your goals for your brand.

Here are some characteristics you have to look for in a reputable web design company:

  • They have their ideas but will also listen to yours.
    When it comes to your brand, you are the expert. But, on the other hand, they are web design specialists when it comes to building your website. So it’s a give-and-take situation.
  • CMS is always in mind when they design.
    A content management system is essential for any website. Without CMS, you will be contacting them almost every day to update your website.
  • They show their portfolio, preferably live websites.
    Look at their existing web designs if you want to see what the web design company is all about. Never trust screenshots; you have to see the website in action.
  • They have been around for a while.
    Look for the website design company‘s longevity. They are the ones that have adapted to the ever-changing trends of the world wide web.
  • They are up-to-date with the latest design trends.
    You wouldn’t want your website to look like it was built ten years ago. So website Designers like Website Designers NZ are up-to-date with the latest Web Design trends and technology.
  • Good web design companies are not cheap.
    If you want the best for your brand, you have to invest in website design. Hire a good web design specialist in NZ and have a breathtaking website that will result in a high return on your investment.

Final Thoughts

A great website design can offer many benefits for your website  – from increasing conversions to nurturing your leads. Website will either make or break your brand; that’s why we offer top-notch to help your small business website design grow.

If you need further help on this topic, Web Digital can help you in many ways. Aside from offering web design services in NZ, we also provide web hosting and other plans. We’re a well-established web design specialist (NZ), and we can help your small business website design needs with our assorted web design packages to choose from. To get more information about digital services in NZ and website design services in Auckland, contact Web Digital!

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